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You Are Hear is a podcast and online radio show brought to you by Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse bringing you live sessions, new music, festival specials and interviews. Since May 2002 we've been exploring the outer edges of pop culture.


You Are Hear: Alternative New Music and Live Sessions

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Sonar 2009 featuring Highlights from Sonar festival featuring live sets from: Colch-on the solo project of Frank Rudow from the band Manta Ray. Lusine is the long-running ambient electronica of Seattle resident and Jeff McIlwaine (Ghostly International). Ryoichi Kurokawa - celebrated Japanese audio-visual composer. Michna with Raw Paw also from Ghostly International stable prolific electro-funk producer Adrian Michna performs with a live band. Alva Noto - sound artist Carsten Nicolai founder of Raster Noton. Michna / SV4 -Ghostly International (Adrian Michna and Sam Valenti IV (head honcho of cutting edge minimal label Spectral Sounds) SND - Matt Steel and Mark Fell from Sheffield (Raster Noton)

Magz and Jim held a Feedback Fiesta as part of the Sonic Arts Expo on Radio Reverb 97.2 from 12-2pm Sunday 6th July from 12 noon call us on 01273387107 and make sure your radio is tuned into 97.2 FM in Brighton and your phone is placed right next to it to make it really feedback. The Sonic Arts Expo will be in the Pavilion Gardens from 12 noon hosting a radio picnic and will have radios available to borrow.

Sonar Special 2008 with live highlights from Ove Naxx, Dj Scotch Egg, Pan Sonic, Skweee Showcase, ZX Spectrum Orchestra, Matmos, Pram, Coh and Bass Clef.

May 2008: SONIC RECYCLER 4: live recordings of Blevin Blectum, Simon Bookish and Sean O'Hagan + Laetitia Sadier from the festival of electronic music & recycling

April 2008: SILVER APPLES: exclusive live recording of psychedelic electronic pioneer Simeon Coxe from his first UK show in MANY years, at Corsica Studios in April 2008. March 2008: FELIX KUBIN: To some he is the whirlwind wizard of the ivories, others know him as Hamburg's foremost purveyor of dadatronic-experimentalist-pop music, to others still he is nothing less than the soul of Juri Gagarin reborn in the body of a child - this week's You Are Hear sees an exclusive live performance from the legendary psychotic-space-age pop artist FELIX KUBIN, recorded on 12 March at London's Corsica Studios: "This music is the melancholic hum of protons."

February 2008: PSEUDO NIPPON in session + music from Bedouin Ascent, the Ghost Box label, Ascoltare and more

February 2008: New music and old music from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Charlie Feathers, Stereo Image, Erik Nordgren and others

January 2008: Best of 2007: lists, lists, lists. And lots of music.

December 2007: Favourites from 2007 + music from Pram, Pete UM, Felix Kubin, Monster Bobby and many more besides

November 2007: Specially recorded perfomace of sonic pioneer TONY CONRAD who not only played a pivotal role in the formation of the Velvet Underground but since the early 60s he has utilized intense amplification, long duration and precise pitch to make aggressively mesmerizing Dream Music. This hypnotic performance was recorded live at The Fishmarket Northhampton on 10th Nov 2007.

November 2007: Another sonic shed full of excellent new winter releases. Hear the latest tunes from They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, Xylitol, Carter Tutti, Efterklang, Harmonia, Mass Shivers, Murcof and Psudo Nippon and many many more

October 2007: Beating a path through the Japanese psychedelic undergrowth, so this week's sonic derangement comes courtesy of Flower Travellin' Band, Speed Glue and Shinki, Les Rallizes Denudes, Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers) and Toshiyo Ichiyanagi presented by Jim Backhouse with the aid of Julian Cope's JAPROCKSAMPLER.

September 2007: MAGZ and JIM present some of the latest beneath-the-underground sounds which have crept into their earshot in recent weeks. Exciting new sounds include Blackpool's CERAMIC HOBS who win the coveted 'title of the week' prize for their new song 'All Psychiatrists Are Bastards', EATS TAPES with some infectious donner-und-blitzen scrapyard techno, The MIKE SAMMES SINGERS sing the praises of Fine Fayre, while ROLAN VEGA's analogue electronica basks in a half-remembered hauntological half-light. Other new sounds come from pioneering tape-splicer TOD DOCKSTADER, the long awaited new album from MURCOF, BISHI, and the Hawkwind/Neu!-influenced stoner rock of New York's WHITE HILLS.

August 2007: The Green Man festival show and podcast featuring Battles, Clinic, Stephen Malkmus and Six Organs of Admittance now up

August 24th 2007: Cult New York No Wave instigator Rhys Chatham excellent live performance at Bloor club Oslo, final Kosmishe nite at Oya.

August 15th 2007: Spectrum, Hanne Hukkelberg and Salvatore live at the Oya Festival. Norway Londons Kosmische club played host to Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3)'s SPECTRUM project, Plus Norwegian chanteuse Hanne Hukkelberg, and Salvatore blend of autobahn-rock.

August 10th 2007: RIP LEE HAZLEWOOD - a chance to hear again the great songwriter Lee Hazlewood in conversation with Magz, originally broadcast on You Are Hear on Resonance FM, August 3rd 2004

August 7th 2007: Black Devil Disco Club live performance from Sonar, June 2007.

July 13th 2007: Featuring DIY labels with great sounds and artwork. Listen up for new tracks from Silver Pyre, Colosuss, Bird Engine, Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Space Heads and Max Eastley, Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, Open Air, No Bra, This is the Kit. Plus an exclusive live track from the Junior Boys and some retro avant action from the excellent Creel Pone re issue label of Jacques Lejeune.

July 2007: Junior Boys Live at Sonar - hear their complete set

July 2007: Magz hosts another special show from the Sonar Festival in Barcleona featuring live performances from the excellent INFINITE LIVEZ (Big Dadda), Warp records mainstay CLARK, prolific american noise artists WOLF EYES, PLANNINGTOROCK( Bolton lass and berlin expat janine rostron) from Chicks on Speed Records and BURNING STAR CORE taiwanese / american noise artist aka c.spencer yeh.

July 2007: A Sonar Special podcast featuring Clark (Warp Records)

June 2007: Another special from the Sonar Festival in Barcelona featuring live sets from the Junior Boys, Burning Star Core, Black Devil Disco Club, JazzFinger, Black Galaxy, KTL, & Nettle (DJ/Rupture + Band)

June 2007: Dat Politics and Murcof live at Faster Than Sound Festival, from Bentwaters Airbase, Suffolk.

June 2007: Bonde Do Role a live performance from the excellent Brazilan baile-funk duo Bonde Do Role performing at London Dingwalls.

May 25th 2007: This week You Are Hear takes a peek into the history of the Finnish underground, from the pre-Pan Sonic metal-bashing sturm und klang of Gagaarin Kombinaat to the psychedelic free-folk of teenage-girl-improvising collective Those Lovely Hula Hands. We also preview a few tracks from the forthcoming You Are Hear sessions CD from dayglo breakcore noisenik Germlin and post-NDW minimal wavers Asja Auf Capri. Elsewhere on the show we trip out to the cosmic disco of Black Devil Disco Club, shake down to Dan Deacon's epic-postpunk-electro-fuzz and become invisible with the Morricone-esque desertscapes of Rothko, with plenty more surprises to boot.

May 11th 2007: Jim brings together rare early 60s electronic exotica, psychedelic afrobeat from Ghana, cosmic disco and motorik post-punk, with brand new sounds from the long awaited Boredoms 'Super Roots 9' EP, The Focus Group's new album on the Ghost Box label and new music from the haunting Finnish free-folk artist Islaja plus a host of other strange and wonderful sonic experiences

April 2007: Big Chill in Goa special featuring a live performance from Sapthaakshara who make Indian carnatic classical percussion, this is where spiritual verse is woven into elaborate rhythmic cycles. Plus an exclusive first hearing of Juana Molina from our forthcoming live sessions CD out on Hearing Aid Records on June 3rd.

May 5th 2007: BODUF SONGS, DAVID CUNNINGHAM and STEPHAN MATHIEU perform live at Sonic Recycler 3

March 30th 2007: Magz plays exclusive live tracks from OMO with new releases from Bobby Conn, Yoko Ono, Peaches, CoCo Rosie, Efterklang, Squarepusher, Motor Combo and much more.

March 16th 2007: Magz helps Jim out on this round-up of music from the outer reaches, featuring exciting new sounds from Ariel Pink, Burning Star Core and new releases from the underground labels Ultra Eczema and Vinyl-On-Demand.

Feb 23rd 2007: Magz is on the run highjacking new releases from the booty bank of German based Candie Hank, grabbing fruity favela funk from Brazilian Bonde Do Role then flying 100 miles high with UK's Ninki V, breathing in the latest Air from those dashing French men to join US starlet Marissa Nadler in the midst of a mexican summer for a super roots landing from those gods of Japan the Boredoms... GO!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9th 2007: Jim Backhouse trawls the knotted undergrowth of early electronic music for more astringent blasts of analogue synth-blatt, elaborate tape manipulation and the sounds of visionary inventors struggling with primitive technologies: from the pioneering soundworks of Daphne Oram, founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to the precocious bleeps and squawks of some American High School Students let loose in the electronic music lab. Mika Vainio also brings us a genuinely terrifying sliver of noise from his new album 'Revitty' which sounds reminiscent of being torn limb-from-limb by a shoal of bloodthirsty sharks; Adam Bohman offers sage advice to the ill and lovelorn, and besides that we have plenty more psychedelic, electronic, home-made, DIY, perverse, collective karma for you to bug out to. Enjoy!

Jan 26th 2007: Magz hosts a blizzard of new releases from Deerhoof, Keith Fullerton Whittman, Drone, Oblong,Trans Am and Jasson Forrest. Plus classic tracks from Alice Coltriane, Ronnie Von, Ankkles and Phil Niblock to keep your ears warm.

Jan 12th 2007: Jim and Magz shake of the dust of the last 12 months for their first show of 2007, featuring a plethora of newly excavated cheap-drum-machine-and-shouting obscurities from the early 80s, sublime ambient rumblings from Norway's SPUNK, more gameboy speedcore delirium from DJ SCOTCH EGG, freeform avant folk explorations from the likes of RICHARD YOUNGS and mysterious Finnish collective PAAVOHARJU and not forgetting our obligatory rundown of our favourite releases of 2006.

Dec 22nd 2006: Just back from Brazil, freezing cold, suntanned and jetlagged, Magz and Jim wish you a Feliz Natal with a selection of gritty favela funk, warped garage, hyperactive electropunk, dirge rock, diy electronics and vintage tropicalia.

Dec 8th 2006: Magz hosts a sonic re-entry into the latest tunes from the Modified Toy Orchestra, Beruit, Gay Cat Park, Junior Boys and Amon Tobin. No Bra reveal there polite side and there's dicking around with Sparks (its banned by the BBC) plus live tracks from Urban Electronic music. Dannyboy and the Serious Party Gods emit high energy fully gift wrapped what more could you want for Xmas.

Nov 24th 2006: - Jim gently caresses your ears with a collision of DIY electropop, dancehall,italo disco, the sounds of toy keyboards blasted with high voltage electricity and the fearsome primal roar of a contact mic'd harley davidson. From sublime windswept minimalism from Circle's brand new album to the home-made synthesizer noise of Jessica Rylan, taking in the neo-Italo Disco of Black Devil Disco Club and tracks from the new Laibach album on the way.

November 10th 2006: Magz take us on a dizzying intercontinental trip through the sounds of the future featuring new tracks from Clinic, OOIOO, Sancho, Star Base 109's starstruck homage to kraftwerk and cleaning, plus A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Michael Forrest, Yukon and exclusive recordings from the clearly deranged Tim Reeves and Pseudo Nippon plus Atom Heart's remix of Gallic Kraut rockers Steeple Remove.

October 27th 2006: Jim takes over as selector this week, taking you on a sonic rollercoaster ride from the sinister No Wave electronica of impLOG to retro-futurist pastoralism from Belbury Poly to the hyperactive gamelan-pop of Clark, taking in haunted nursery rhyme music, electronic horror movie pastische and a Dutch avant-garde opera on the life of David Hasselhof. Fasten your seatbelts.

October 2006: BURNING STAR CORE live at the Hippodrome on Friday 13th October 2006.

C. Spencer Yehs Burning Star Core is the culmination of ten-plus years of work in and around rock, improv, and electronic fringes, with a host of DIY releases on his own Drone Disco label. Live, hes certainly a force to be reckoned with, mixing soaring and bellowing violin drones with granular electronics. This performance is brought to you by and was promoted by upset the rhythm as part of the freize art fair where he supported Sunn o))).

October 6th 2006: Magz features Matmos, Junior Boys, Gay Against You, Nalle, Juana Molina and Joanna Newsome plus an archive mix from Jim B

October 2006: JOHN PEEL To celebrate Peel Day, we've decided to podcast thoughts from the man himself, from the You Are Hear archive shows. This extract of the late great John Peel talking about his work were recorded at a discussion on the future of radio at the big chill festial back in 2003. It was a chance for many Peel fans to hear his thoughts and experiences of working at radio one. It certainly seems even more prescient in current times.

September 2006: BOB MOOG PODCAST : 2 interviews from the YAH archive "Bob Moog is certainly one of the most inspiring men I have ever met and had the pleasure to interview twice, he was a fascinating and lovely man and listening back to these interviews brings tears to my eyes that he is no longer around, although his legacy like his synths live on . I decided to podcast the interviews from the You Are Hear achive to share my experience of meeting him I am sure his many fans and those not so familiar will enjoy hearing his thoughts." Magz Hall Sept 13th 2006

August 2006: DIRTY FAN MALE PODCAST - Jonny Trunk and Wisbey's infamous Dirty Fan Male show recorded at the Big Chill festival.

Jonny Trunk's infamous festival of filth 'Dirty Fan Male' both delighted and appalled Big Chill-goers in equal measure: a musical stage show comprising some of the most bizarre, outrageous, deranged and inadvertantly surreal letters written to British top shelf lovelies by their most devoted fans. Described by The Guardian no less as 'delicious filth', the show is by turns hilarious, bewildering, scary and strangely touching. So listen in as Jonny Trunk and Wisbey invite you into the strange and sidesplittingly funny regions of the male psyche where you will meet the likes of Spunky Arthur and Lionel with his Big Rising Willie.

Many thanks to Jonny Trunk and Wisbey for allowing us to record this performance. If you enjoyed it, take a look at Jonny's TRUNK RECORDS website for lots of incredibly strange and wonderful records and plenty more smut.

as Jonny describes the show we "had people in fits of laughter which slowly developed into a desperate sense of madness, sadness and more. You will never experience anything quite like it. We haven't and we made it."


Broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm, this show brings together some highlights from 2006's Green Man festival, held in the dramatically beautiful surrounds of the Brecon Beacons in late August. For the last four years the festival has grown in size, bringing together a diverse selection of artists all influenced in some way by folk and roots music, from the percussive and hypnotic electronics of Steve Reid and Keiran Hebden to the sublime folk / blues explorations of folk-revival legends Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, with countless acoustic singer-songwriters. For this show, we have chosen to present highlights from the live sets of Nalle, Juana Molina and Tunng.

August 2006: BIG CHILL PODCAST: Magz Hall brings you a You Are Hear show featuring folk highlights from the Big Chill Festival: featuring A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Martin Carthy, Vashti Bunyan and Tunng.

August 1st 2006: Magz Hall brings you the latest You Are Hear radio show.


two shows featuring highlights from the Glade Festival featuring live sets from: Bong-Ra, Knifehandchop, Countryside Alliance Crew and Gay Against You.

June 2006: SONAR PODCAST: Magz Hall brings you a new podcast friendly You Are Hear show featuring highlights from the Sonar Festival in Barclelona featuring live sets from: The Modified Toy Orchestra, Jake, Senior Coconut , Tucker, Schneider TM and Marina Yangisawa show to be broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM Monday June 26th at 7pm also available here as podcast and download.

May 2006:
Magz Hall brings you the first 'podcast friendly' You Are Hear show!
Featuring new tracks from Matmos, Tunng, Dat Politics, Rasha Shasheen, Thalassa, Building A Building, The Knife, Will Searle, MN, Monsta Noodle, Urban Electronic Music, Laura Veirs, Xylitol, Now, Omo, Will and The Vanishing Breed.

have included:

Karl Bartos, Karl Blake, Steven Stapleton, Simon Fisher Turner, Lee Hazlewood, Moe Tucker, Bill Drummond, Gavin Turk, Bob Moog, Gustav Metzger, Lee Ranaldo, David Tibet and Cosey Fanni Tutti.

Magz Hall's Music Blogging Documentary featuring: K Punk, Geetal Dyal, Simon Reynolds, Woebot and Luka

aired on You Are Hear have been recorded at:

The Glade festival(UK)04/05/06, Mor festival 04 (Eire), Sonar (Barcelona Spain 2003/04/05/06/07), Les Tombees de la Nuit 05 (Rennes, France), Venn Festival 05 (Bristol) The Green Man 05/06/07, The Spitz, Cargo, the ICA, and many other venues.

ICA 2002 - Mouse on Mars, Dj/Rupture.

Sonar 2003 - Haruomi Hosono, Sketch Show and Daisy World artists.

Mor 2004 - Philip Jeck, Candie Hank, Fancy Goods, Sven Anderson.

Sonar 2004 - Einar rn, Tape, Carsten Nicolai, Maja Ratkje, Julian Molina, Sketch Show + Ryuichi Sakamoto = Human Audio Sponge, (featuring all the Yellow Magic Orchestra: Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto), Drop The Lime, CM VON HAUSSWOLFF, Pita, Takagi Masakatsu, Sketch Show.

Spitz 2004 - Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, Tim Barnes and Alan Licht performing Text of Light.

Glade 2004 - Plaid, Cylob, Mu -ziq. 2006 Bong-Ra, Knife Hand Chop, Countryside Alliance Crew and Gay Against You

Cargo 2005 - BJ Cole, Voltage, OMM, Disinformation Vs Strange Attractor, Cursor Miner, No Bra. Cargo 2006 No Bra, Chevron, Despetagon, Cow-P, Asja Auf Capri, Noblesse Oblige,Vanishing Breed,Ninki V and Man From Uranus.

Venn Festival 2005- Mark Stewart and the Maffia.

Sonar Highlights 2005 - To Rococo Rot, Goodiepal, Vert, FS Bloom, Vert, Mark One and Virus Synicate, Matthew Herbert, ShiroTakatani, Kemialliset Ystavat and Rei Harakami and Radian.

Felix Kubin at the Pocket Club in Barcelona

Les Tombees de la Nuit 2005 - Konono No 1 and Le Professeur Inlassable,

Green Man 2005/6 - Joanna Newsom, Jeffery Lewis, Alistair Roberts, Tunng and Scatter 2006 Juana Molina, Nalle and Tunng.

from the You Are Hear show, aired live on Resonance 104.4 FM


March 27th: Special all star live session featuring: Ove Naxx, DJ Scotch Egg, Romvelope, Germlin, Ommm and Will Searl

March 29th: Ascoltare session and DJ Rubish live

March 13th: Yila live session and Rod Dickinson talks about Greenwich Degree Zero at Beaconsfield Galler

March 6th: UM live sessio

Feb 27th: Knowledge of Bugs live session

Feb 20th: Spanish Karavan live session

Feb 13th - Hecate live session

Feb 6th: Electroloft live session

Jan 30th: Miasmos live session

Jan 23rd - Tim Goldie live

Jan 16th - Ardison live in Session

Jan 2nd: This is the Kit

Jan 2nd: Best of the live Sessions of 2005 show features: Alabama 3, Asja Auf Capri, Chevron, Germlin, Prey, Musgison, Bohman Brothers, Mike Paradinas, Robotobibok, The Noisettes, DJ Scotch Egg, Romvelope, Jean Herve Peron, Oddfellows Casino, Ninki V, Ove Naxx, Raagnagrok and Miasma - all highlights from the many great bands & artists who played live for us in 2005.


Dec 19th: Noblesse Oblige live

Dec 12th: Luke Vibert live session and Stewart Home talks about Tainted Love

Dec 5th: Miasma live session

November 28th: 8pm - 9.30pm Session from Broadcast

November 21st: 8pm - 9.30pm Bruno and Michel Are Smiling and Skipperrr in session

November 14th: 8pm - 9.30pm Robotobibok live in the studio
Plus a mini Bob Moog tribute reairing Magz' two interviews with Bob.

November 7th: 8pm - 9.30pm : Faust live in the studio + Tom McCarthy talks about his novel 'Remainder'

November 9th: 11am - 12noon : Radio Art Special Repeated Click here for full details
featuring : Javier Aregger, Jim Backhouse, Richard Bowers, Fari Bradley, CarterTutti, Angus Carlyle, Jem Finer & Marcia Farquhar, Iris Garrelfs, William English, Magz Hall, Bjorn Hatleskog, John Lovett, Grant Newman, Mark Pilkington, Tom Wallace, Chris Weaver, Adam Windbush and Dan Wilson.

October 31st : Ninki V live in session

October 24th: Miss Hawaii, Cow - P and Deseptagon live and Aaron from the Interlopers tells us about camping and hiking through the Freeze

October 17th: Hugh Metcalfe the man behind Fuck off Batman

October 10th: Folo

October 6th: Radio Art Special
for European Radio Day. Click here for full details of the shows content show will be repeated on November 9th at 11am featuring work from: Javier Aregger, Jim Backhouse, Richard Bowers, Fari Bradley, CarterTutti, Angus Carlyle, Jem Finer & Marcia Farquhar, Iris Garrelfs, William English, Magz Hall, Bjorn Hatleskog, John Lovett, Grant Newman, Mark Pilkington, Tom Wallace, Chris Weaver, Adam Windbush and Dan Wilson.

October 3rd: Silverlink live and the show starts at new time 8pm

Sept 26th: Ove Naxx live in session and Artist Brian Duffy inventor of the Optophonic Lunaphone and founder of the modified toy orchestra talks to Magz about hearing stars singing plus Goodiepal popped in from the Faro Islands.

Sept 19th : Hrvatski live

Sept 12th: Unit live in session

Sept 5th: Dr Dog live session

August 29th: Scotch Egg
August 22nd: Emil Beaulieu 'America's greatest living noise artist' Jessica Rylan (RRRecords) Prurient (Load records) Plus highlights from the Greenman Festival in Wales featuring Joanna Newsom, Jeffery Lewis, Alistair Roberts, Tunng and Scatter.

August 15th: DJ Rubbish

August 8th: The Man From Uranus live in session

August 1st: Live session from Raagnagrok! Plus Rat Scabies talks about his book on the Holy Grail.

July 25th: Zainetica live session from rednetic recordings. Luke Viberts Glade mix and more Wrong Music from Shitmat and DJ Scotch Egg at the Glade.

July 18th: Magz and Jim air highlights from the Glade Festival including Luke Vibert and Planet Mu finest artists. Karl Bartos on the phone and Francoise Lamy, from Addictive TV and Cinefeel will be giving them the lowdown on the Optronica festival

July 11th: On tonights show we have a live session from electronic artist Benge - Other music tonight comes from Konono No 1 from Kinshasa, who play a traditional form of Angolan/Congolese trance music based around the sound of the likembe (a type of thumb piano). Konono back this sound with pots-n-pans percussion, amped up with home-made mics built from magnets salvaged from car parts, and finally sent blaring through a home-brew PA based around megaphones. Also we have music from Le Professeur Inlassable, recorded alongside Konono No 1 in concert at Les Tombees De La Nuit festival, Rennes, France on July 8th We will also play some more from Felix Kubin's astonishing gig in Barcelona, June 17th.

July 4th: Will Seale looks after the show live session from Scottish wizz kid Germlin from Adaadat

July the 4th 7pm - 8:30pm and repeated on the 11th at 8am A Clear Spot Special: This is Magz Hall's final programme from this years School of Sound and features interviews with CHRIS PETIT director of the cult Kraftwork soundtracked film Radio On and Radio On (Remix), the latter made in collaboration with musician Bruce Gilbert. Oscar-nominee REN KLYCE sound designer on David Fincher’s Fight Club, Being Jonn Malcovich and Seven discusses "CONSTRAINTS — doing MORE with LESS in an age of technology where ANYTHING is possible". Academy Award nominationed sound designer TOM FLEISCHMAN whose worked with Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme and Spike Lee, discusses his distinctive approach on Goodfellas, Silence of the Lambs and The Aviator. Whilst oscar wining composer GABRIEL YARED explains his approach to integrating music with image, having worked with Jean-Luc Godard on Sauve qui peut la vie he is most known for his collaborations with Anthony Minghella as well as writing the score of Betty Blue and the Talented Mr Ripley. Thanks to the organisers of the School of Sound, Diane Freeman and Larry Sider. Further info can be found at

June 20th/ 27th: Sonar Special Magz and Jim air the tasty treats they've recorded at Barcelona's Sonar Festival: Sonar Highlights 2005 -To Rococo Rot, Goodiepal, Vert, FS Bloom, Vert, Mark One and Virus Synicate, Matthew Herbert, ShiroTakatani, Kemialliset Ystavat and Rei Harakami and Radian.
Plus gig of the year - Felix Kubin at the Pocket Club in Barcelona

June 13th: Mark Stewart and The Maffia featuring Adrian Sherwood in concert recorded at the Venn Festival

June 6th : Bohman Brothers

May 30 : Chevron live from session from Planet Mu's latest hotrod
Clearspot special on May 30th at 7pm. The first of two programmes of interviews recorded by Magz at this years School of Sound a unique international symposium exploring sound design in film and radio. Magz talks to radio broadcaster Piers Plowright about his ideas on "FILLING THE SPACE — SOUND, DEPTH AND MEANING IN THE ART OF RADIO". Plus researcher and inventor of surround sound systems Tomlinson Holman discusses developments in film surround sound and the new format 10.2 which he is working on. The second part of this programme can be heard on 4th July at 7pm.

May 23rd : Mark Stewart of the Pop Group and Maffia talks us through his new anthology Kiss the Future

May 16th : Simon Reynolds talks post punk. Plus live session from David Janes

May 9th : Martyn Ware founder member if the Human League and Heaven 17 will be joining Magz Hall to predict the future of Sound, which happens to be the name of an event his Illustrious Company are hosting this Tuesday at the Princess Anne Theatre 195 Piccadilly, London where they will be discussing the future of sound in artistic, scientific and commercial fields, with an emphasis on creative and collaborative opportunities focusing on interaction featuring three-dimensional 'SonicImaging' surround sound technology. The event will be featuring Jason Bruges (interactive architect/multimedia designer); Charlie Morrow (sound installation artist from New York); Scanner (sound artist); Paul Devereux/Flinton Chalk/Brian Barritt (Archeo-acousticians); Tim Head (interactive visual/sound artist); Jon Wozencroft (lecturer at RCA, owns Touch label for avant-garde soundscapes); Luciana Haill (demonstrating IBVA - brainwave visualiser and music generator); Nick Laviers (Head of Sound Electronic Arts computer software company). Plus we have No Bra baring all live in session.

May 2nd : We are live from the Foundry setting up the Circle of Sound Exhibition with the artists: Kaffe Matthews, Tracey Moberly, Jason Synnott, Iris Garfells, Dan Wilson, Disinformation and Dj Wrongspeed.

April 25th: live sessions from Rasha Shaheen and Mugison from Iceland

April 18th: Prey featuring Barry of Add N to X

April 11th: Alabama 3 and Karl Blake

April 4th: Rothko live in session. Plus radio producers David Ossman of the legendry Firesign Theatre and Judith Walcott talk radio with Magz.

28th march: Asja Auf Capri

21st march: Kutchi live session from Adverse Camber's up and coming noise niks

14th march: Cau_cational Betreet live and Pete Lawrence from the Big Chill.

March 7th: Luke Vibert live session celebrating his forthcoming Lp Lovers Acid

Feb 27th: Live session from Robotobibok Polish electronic jazz 5 piece. Plus Magz talks to Bob Moog, pioneering inventor of the Moog synthesizer, about the Moog documentary directed by Hans Fjellestad, currently on show at the ICA. Also hear the Disinformation and Strange Attractor National Grid performance at our Cargo event on the 17th Feb.

Feb 21th: Mike Paradinas the man behind Planet Mu live session and highlights from OMMM at our Cargo event on the 17th.

Feb 14th: Oddfellows Casino the latest incarnation of Brighton-based singer-songwriter David Bramwell. His songs sound like lonely lost ballads, all soft spoken strumming and high gentle vocals, like Robert Wyatt fronting Arco, the most subtle moments of early King Crimson, or America with a brain and a dark side. Careful, articulate and eloquent, low key, soft spoken pop of the highest order. Jazzy moments mix with folk and ambient chill, dub, and string quartets with antiquated keyboards.

Feb 7th: The Four Shores 4 Bristol bands as one featuring Morning Star, Banjo Kate, Jimmy Goodrich and Darren Swindells who have just put out a 7inch on Disco Ordination Records. Iris from the Sprawl pops into give the full lowdown on the electronica Interplay Festival 9th and 10th Feb at the Spitz
Jan 31st: Romvelope who has just released his debut album One Course Meal, on ADAADAT. Romvelope aka Bjorn Hatleskog will be taking us on a Norwego-Scottish tour through electro, R'n'B and hip-hop, Ska, samba, country and western and disco. Freaky experimental noise interludes complement his 21st century car crash pop songs. Plus we are also airing a special set recorded for us by Hototogisu featuring Matthew Bower (Skullflower/Sunroof!) and Marcia Bassett (from Double Leopards)

Jan 24th: ' jockelson mcnulty' live fresh from their back of a van tour. Plus writer Kodwo Eshun shares his latest musical obsessions
Jan 17th: The Noisettes live session

Jan 10th: Stendec live sets from Expanding Records guests and Phil Ilson and kate taylor from the Halloween Society give us the lowdown on their short film festival.

Jan 3rd: Magz looks back on the years best sessions featuring Juanna Molina, Curser Miner, Fuzz Against Junk, CarterTutti, Kate Moss, Radio Science Orchestra the Massive Crew and OMMM


Dec 27th: Text of Light featuring Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo joined by New York turntablist and artist Christian Marclay, incendiary drummer Tim Barnes and guitarist Alan Licht performing improvised music to the films of the American Cinema avante-garde, paying special homage to seminal filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Full concert recorded at the Spitz on 9th Dec.

Dec 20th: James Cauty of the KLF and K Foundation talks about his current Blacksmoke show Preparing for Emergencies a post-terrorist Xmas giftshop.S. Rock Levinson in session and Lee Ranaldo on the phone from NYC.

Dec 13th: The Massive Crew live session from Berin based art rappers keeping it conceptual. Turner prize potter Grayson Perry talks to Magz.

Dec 6th: Fuzz Against Junk live session full freak out Bristol super group featuring Paul Allen from the Heads

Nov 29th: Striplight first ever radio session from Peckham based angular post punkers. Plus king of pulp fiction Stewart Home joins Magz for a chat.

Nov 22nd: Ed Lawes Birmingham based electro acoustic artist with album just released on Planet Mu live in session.

Nov 15th: live session from Ommm aka Edmund Davie, latest upstart on Adaadat. He will be testing the equipment for his forcoming album with the same name.

Nov 8th: ProForma first live session from new Scottish band on tsk! tsk! records

Nov 1st: CarterTutti live session and interview with Throbbing Gristles founding members Chris and Cosey

25th October: Bj Cole live session bringing us Trouble in Paradise from this pedel steel guitar ledgend. BJ is the UK's fore most pedal steel player he has recorded with Marc Bolan, Scott Walker, Beck, Bjork, REM, David Sylvian and the Luke Vibert. Plus writer James Flint joins Magz to talk about THE BOOK OF ASH his latest novel which recounts the seach for a wayward father who has disappeared while trying to making art out of nuclear waste.

18th Oct: Simon Fisher Turner live session and interview with Simon the 60's teenstar turned film composer of Derek Jarmans Blue. Tonight he performs as Kate Moss with Casian Harrison. Read this Kate Moss YAH session review

11th Oct: Radio Science Orchestra a line up which includes Bruce Woolley the songwriter of Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star and Slave to the Rhythm.

4th Oct: Philip Jeck interview and a recording of his performance at the MOR festival in Eire.

27th Sept: Juana Molina first live session from this most soothing Argentinean songwriter in London on her first UK tour.

20th Sept: Live session with Miss Hawaii Plus Magz airs her music blogumentary Where's Your Blog At with contributions from avid bloggers K Punk, Simon Reynolds, Woebot, Luke Heronbone and Geeta Dayal.

13th Sept: Cursor Minor live, Rob Tubb makes us really pop wobbly. Plus artist Rod Dickinson talks about his latest reinactment of the psychological warfare sounds and music used by the FBI at the Waco siege, that's 110 decibels of white noise, rock music and repetitive sounds 24 hours a day for a month.

6th September 8:30pm: sees the new folk electronica band Tunng in for there first ever live radio session, they are soon to release their first Lp on Static Caravan. Plus spooky performance artist Marisa Carnesky talks about her terrifying burlesque Ghost Train

30th August live session from Mapstation the nom de guerre of Stefan Schneider of To Rococo Rot, ex-Kreidler. Plus recordings from the wonder that was the Mor Festival in Eire, recordings from Philip Jeck, Candie Hank (AKA Patrick Catani), Fancy Goods, and Sven Anderson.

August 5th: Lee Hazlewood live in conversation
You Are Hear Sonar Specials from Barcelona:
June 24th 2004, 7pm - 8:30pm: The first of two You Are Hear specials from the 2004 Sonar Festival in Barcelona (17,18,19th June). Featuring recordings and interviews with EINAR ÖRN, TAPE, CARSTEN NICOLAI, MAJA RATKJE, JUANA MOLINA and Dr BOB MOOG.

Friday 25th June 7pm – 8:30pm: The final Sonar special airs an exclusive recording of the performance of SKETCH SHOW + RYUICHI SAKAMOTO = Human Audio Sponge, a line up featuring all founder members of the Yellow Magic Orchestra: Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Also live performances on the programme from DROP THE LIME, CM VON HAUSSWOLFF, plus interviews with Prince Regent Michael of Sealand, Ivan Novak from Laibach and spokesman for the NSK state, Leif Elggren from the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, Prince Michael of Sealand and Robert Jelinek from the State of Sabotage.
You Are Hear first series was aired weekly on Mondays 5 - 6:30pm on Resonance 104.4 fm from May 2002 - Oct 2003, we will be back for a new series in August.


Jan 6th - Momus live session

Jan 13th - Jesse of The Invisible Pair of Hands and Morning Star live

Jan 2oth - Dr Das of Asian Dub Foundation is joined by Cyber (tablas) and Ramjac (percussion) for a live session.

Jan 27th - Laika are in for a session and visual artist Sonita Singwi

Feb 3rd - Cultural interventionist Robin of the Space Hijackers

Feb 10th - the legendary Billy Childish is in the studio

Feb 17th - Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard re-enactment artists talk about new Cramps project- File Under Sacred.

Feb 24th - sound artist Joe Banks (Disinformation). Auto Destructive Artist Gustav Metzger and cultural worker and provocateur Stewart Home.

March 3rd - Steven Stapleton of Nurse with Wound

March 10th - Pram are in for a live session

March 17th - Apachi 61 in session and Bill Drummond of the K Foundation

March 24th - Steven Stapleton of Nurse with Wound returns with new tracks accompanied by David Tibet from Current 93

March 31st - live session from Simon Wickham-Smith

April 7th - Cosey Fanni Tutti - legendary musician and performance artist (Throbbing Gristle, COUM transmissions, CTI, Chris and Cosey)

April 14th - Chris Dooks exclusive session

April 21st - Damien from Inventory is your Easter host

April 28th - Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground live phone interview

May 5th - Best of the last years sessions-

May 12th - live session from Daedelus

May 19th - Tom Sapsford joins us to talk about his dance performance Hypnos, based on material captured under hypnosis

May 26th - live sesion from Sculpture plus Yael Karavan Butoh dancer

June 2nd - Hot 19-t electronic acts from Japan Miss Hawaii Vs Shex live session

June 9th - Vibration White Finger live session

June 16th - We are not hear - Damian Abbot hosts with a Cybersonic guest

June 23rd - The Lonesome Organist live in session and highlights from Sketch Shows performance at Sonar festival Barcelona

June 30th - features PITA's concert at this year's Sonar festival

July 7th - Fanny and Barney host this evening with guest artist Jason Synnott and live session from Of Arrowe Hill

July 14th - Recorded highlights from Takagi Masakatsu (Daisyworld) at Sonar and a repeat airing of the oustanding Miss Hawaii session ( 19-t)

July 21st - live session from Kema Keur who are also founders of the new electronic label ADAADADAT

July 28th - Fanny and Barney cover for Magz Interviews with J.D. Richards and artist Ryan S. Lemke

August 4th - Damien Abbot hosts tonight with guest Daniel Peacock

August 11th - Fanny and Barney bring in a live session from the Metalers

August 18th - Groop live in session with Fanny and Barney

August 25th - Magz is back with Janek Schaffer in session

September 1st - Guest Alecky Blythe talks about of her Arcola theatre performance "Come Out Eli" based on verbal accounts made by residents in the The Hackney Siege

September 8th - Luke Vibert and BJ cole Live in session

September 15th - The Vanity Set live session

September 21st - Flat Antenna launch Party news

September 29th - Final Monday YAH programme with guest DIY film maker and writer Michael Wareham Dean. Magz will back from Friday November 1st between 12 - 1am with her new weekly show Lounge of Pleasure


May 6th - Psychogeographers Damien Abbot and Adam Scrivener from Inventory

May 13th - Church of Sonology - live sonological amplifications

May 2oth - the Horse Hospital's James Hollands and guest poet Karl Blake of the Shockheaded Peters

May 27th - They Came From The Stars and David Grubbs play live

June 3rd - Performance Artist Haley Newman

June 10th - The Exploding Cinema celebrate 10 years of DIY film events, with guest Duncan Reekie

June 17th - Mark Pilkinton (Fortean Times and Strange Attractor) Hosts. Interview with arch provocateurs Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurtz, writers of a new work of fiction "Bukaka Spat Here"

June 24th - special guest: Deptford X festival curator Rueben Thurnhill with artist Patricio Grose Forrester

July 1st - Interview with Uwe Schmidt AKA Senor Coconut AkA Atom Heart AKA Flanger

July 8th - Gavin Turk versus Pop Poodle

July 15th - Clerkenwell Literary Festival (hit the link 'Pilchard Teeth' below)

July 22nd - Damien Abott joins John Eden and Ewen Chardronnet from the Association of Autonomous Astronauts talk community space exploration

July 29th - Conet project Short-wave stations Akin Fernandez Irdial discs

August 5th - Fabian Tompsett of the London Psychogeographical Association

August 12th - Clive Shaw on Alexander Trocchi and the Psychogeography of underground clubs in the 60's and 70's

August 19th - Rod Dickinson discusses his re-enactment of the infamous Milgram experiment

August 26th - Lee Hazlewood special

Sept 2nd - Mark Perry of Alternative TV plays some acoustic numbers

Sept 9th - Kate Potter - Mystic Artist discusses her 'Ghost Horses exhibition' at the Horse Hospital

Sept 16th - Ryo-Co performs a live electronica session. Area 10 guests pop in too

Sept 23rd - Andrew King, English folk music archivist at the National Sound Archive discusses his work, with many rare field recordings.

Sept 30th - Oxbow, the San Fransico hardcore/experimentalists, perform a rare live acoustic set

Oct 7th - the fantastic Laura B live session

Oct 14th - Mike Slocombe of Urban discusses Media Democracy Day

Oct 21th - Noxagt live, plus Lawrence Burton AKA War Arrow presents some far out sounds from Mexico

Oct 28th - Murcof and The Vanishing Breed perform live in the studio

Nov 4th - Kev Hopper `the saw man' here to delight you with his great (musical) tool and Eva Rostfrei will be performing her electronica inspired yolleling

Nov 11th - Bedouin Ascent live session

Nov 18th - includes highlights from the mouse on mars gig at the ICA

Nov 25th - Guest BJ Cole airs his latest unreleased tracks

Dec 2nd - Devotion play live plus Charles Thomson Stuckist spokesman

Dec 9th - Artist Mark McGowen rolls in

Dec 16th - Jakob Jakobsen Danish cultural worker rescheduled till next year sorry!

Dec 23rd - Los Pitufos and Murcof

Dec 30th - highlights from the years live sessions from Kev Hopper, Noxagt, David Grubbs, BJ Cole, Eva Rostfrei ,Vanishing breed Bedouin Ascent, Oxbow, Devotion, Ryo-Co, Mark Perry and The Church of Sonology.


Asja Auf Capri

Man From Uranus

Nicky V

Noblesse Oblige
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