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Asja Auf Capri
Bohman Brothers
Bruno and Michel
Are Smiling and

Carter Tutti
DJ Scotch Egg
Jean Hervé Peron
Knowlege of Bugs
Man From Uranus
Miss Hawaii, Cow'p
+ Deseptagon

Ninki V
Noblesse Oblige
Oddfellows Casino
Ove Naxx
Spanish Karavan
This is the Kit
Tim Goldie

DJ Rubbish, Ascoltare, Yila, Um, Knowledgeof Bugs, Spanish Karavan, Electroloft, Miasmos, Tim Goldie, Ardisson, This is the Kit, Noblesse Oblige, Miasma, Broadcast, Bruno and Michel Are Smiling and Skiperrr, Jean Hervé Peron, Ninki V, Cow - P, Deseptagon, Hugh Metcalfe, Silverlink, Ove Naxx, Hrvatski, Unit, Dr Dog, Scotch Egg, Jessica Rylan, Purient, DJ Rubbish, The Man From Uranus, Raagnagrok, Zainetica, Germlin, Chevron, Bohman Brothers, No Bra, David Janes, Will Searle, Mugison, Rasha Shaheen, Prey, Alabama 3, Rothko, Asja Auf Capri, Kutchi, Cau_cational Betreet, Luke Vibert, Robotobibok, Mike Paradinas, Oddfellows Casino, Romvelope, Hototogisu, The Four Shores, Stendec, S Rock Levinson, The Massive Crew, The Noisettes, Fuzz Against Junk, Striplight, Ed Lawes, Ommm, Pro Forma, Carter Tutti, Kate Moss, Radio Science Orchestra, Juana Molina, Cursor Miner, Mapstation, Tunng, Kev Hopper, Noxagt, David Grubbs, BJ Cole, Eva Rostfrei, Vanishing Breed, Bedouin Ascent, Oxbow, Devotion, Ryo-Co, Mark Perry, Momus, The Church of Sonology, ADF, Laika, Billy Childish, Pram, Apache 61, Chris Dooks, Sculpture, Miss Hawaii, Shex, Laura B, The Lonesome Organist, Groop, Janek Schaffer, Kema Keur, Daedelus, The Vanity Set and Vibration White Finger.


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Ardisson session download
“Ardisson is none other than the one man beat smith and breaks maniac, Charles Matthews. A master at getting the audience revved up and ultimately hooked on butt crunching bass and bastard hard sonics, this young producer commands the utmost of respect as he tries to harness as best as he humanely can, the unhinged members of his mechanical family which seem ruthlessly resolute in undermining not only the musical status quo, but, the godforsaken man himself.” Bruce McClure

Asja Auf Capri session download
The ASJA AUF CAPRI session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on 28th March 2005 Taking their name from Walter Benjamin’s Latvian lover, Asja Auf Capri wring out a sublime and brittle electronic pop sound from the charred remains of post-punk and the Neue Deutsche Welle.

Bohman Brothers session download
This Bohman Brother session was originally broadcast live on June 6th 2005 on the You Are Hear Show. The Bohman Brothers are the creators of a unique and impure experimental music. Traces of Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation can be detected, yet ultimately the whole is greater and more arcane than the sum of its parts.

Bruno and Michel Are Smiling session download
Bruno & Michel are smiling and Skipperrr played a live session on You Are Hear on Nov 21st 2005. ‘Once we used to be a two headed dog. Our heads then became divided on a dusky pasture beyond the famous Oceanos by a guy who called himself Heracles. He thought that he killed us, but the reality was that we were still alive. Since then we are two separated individuals and therefore we needed two different names.’ Oliver aka BRUNO & MICHEL ARE SMILING & Charlotte aka SKIPPERRR explain the reason for using two artist names…

Carter Tutti session download
Carter Tutti - (Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti) played live in session on November 1st, 2004. An exotic and electronic set taking in tracks from their most recent album ‘Cabal’, exploring subliminal sounds and hidden spaces. For this session they performed: Calm Circle, Unreality, Museum of Sleep, Streets of London Fields and Kinka.

DJ Scotch Egg session download
The DJ SCOTCH EGG session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on august 29th 2005 For this session, DJ Scotch Egg especially channeled all the pent-up aggression he had accumulated over the previous month in order to demonstrate, first hand, the grisly side-effects of over-indulgence in processed breadcrumbed snacks.

Electroloft session download

Germlin session download
The GERMLIN session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on July 4th 2005 “Aged just minus eight months Joe Howe (aka Germlin) was entertaining his mother with compositions from inside the womb. As his fingers developed the music became increasingly accomplished. He was born one of triplets, the other two siblings being a normal, healthy sampler and a bouncing 3.2 kilogram modular synthesiser.”

Jean-Herve Peron session download
The Jean-Herve Peron session you are about to hear was first broadcast live on November 7th 2005 on the You Are Hear show. Jean-Hervé Peron is best known as the de facto front man for Faust, his onstage antics with chainsaws, explosives and naked painting sessions have inspired several generations.

Knowledge Of Bugs session download
The KUTCHI session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on 21st March 2005 Industrial strength electronics and mashed up breakcore sounds from the Adverse Camber crew.

Kutchi session download

Man From Uranus session download
You Are Hear Sessions: THE MAN FROM URANUS The Man From Uranus played live in session on August 8th 2005. The Man From Uranus brought his fantastic electrical music show to the Resonance studio on August 8th 2005, fashioning space age pop music from an assortment of tape loops, theremin, analogue synthesisers and toys.

Miasma session download
This Miasma session was first aired on You Are Hear show on Dec 5th 2005Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses are a British instrumental quintet that plays dark, antiquated sounding music encompassing elements of Eastern European folk, avant-rock, broken-down calliope music, and neo-classical film composition. Their music can only be compared to many artists at once: in this case Angelo Badalamenti, Astor Piazzolla, Goblin, Art Bears, Burzum, Tom Waits, Antioch Arrow, King Crimson, Bach and Univers Zero.

Miasmos session download

Miss Hawaii Cow'P Deseptagon session download
You Are Hear Sessions: MISS HAWAII, COW’P + DESEPTAGON broadcast live 24th October 2005 A three sided soundclash between 19-t records of Tokyo’s most notorious sonic malcontents. Cow’P firing off volleys of askew gameboy dancehall and gabber, Deseptagon exploring the pits of cavernous sub-bass and dub dynamics, with Miss Hawaii leading proceedings towards the blissed-out heights of the electronic pop sublime.

Ninki V session download
The Ninki V session you are about to hear was first aired on October 31st 2005 on the You Are Hear show. Ninki V is a lightning force a one woman band playing theremin, synths, 80’s keyboards, toy instruments and vocals. She regularly duets with a theremin playing skeleton marionette.

Noblesse Oblige session download
This session from Noblesse Oblige was first aired on the You Are Hear show on Dec 19th 2005. Noblesse Oblige have been variously described as an “electronic art rock synth duo: Klaus Nomi crossed with Laibach or DAF teutonic disco” (Rough Trade) or “Weimar Germany for the 21st Century Dance Floor” (Tank)

Oddfellows Casino session download
The ODDFELLOWS CASINO session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on Feb 14th 2004 Oddfellows Casino is the latest incarnation of Brighton-based singer-songwriter David Bramwell. Drawing on elements of psychedelia, acid-folk, electronica and Canterbury jazz-rock (early Soft Machine) Oddfellows Casino played an intimate and pastoral set of warmth, melancholy and black humour.

Ommm session download
The OMMM session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on Nov 15th 2004 “OMMM is the pseudonym used by a reclusive Tibetan guru linked to the ADAADAT label. Rarely seen in public, his devotional performance style and mysterious, shifting rhythms and harmonies have been known to drive worshippers into such a frenzy that they began to eat each other. Raw.”

Ove-NaXx session download
This Ove -Nax session was first aired live on Magz Hall’s You Are Hear Show on Sept 3rd 2005. Ove-Naxx began his career playing impromptu gigs to passers by on the streets of New York. He soon decided to take things to the next level,playing one gig frozen in a block of ice and another balancing atop a forty-foot wooden pole. His next project is to perform live for forty-four days straight locked inside a glass box in London. What motivates him? Nobody really knows.

Raagnagrock session download
The RAAGNAGROK session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on 1st August 2005 Heterosexual synthesizer duo Grok are called upon to entertain the gods with their analogue synthesizers and electric sitars. HAIL! The halls ofValhalla ring out to the sounds of RAAGNAGROK!

Robotobibok session download
You Are Hear Sessions: ROBOTOBIBOK broadcast live on 27th February 2005 Robotobibok (a blend of two Polish words for robot and skiver) was formed in 1998 in Wroclaw, Poland. From the very beginning, their music has seemed to combine modern electronic music with the energy of improvised jazz. Strong and acoustic drums, double bass and trumpet intertwine with dreamy vibraphone, electric guitar and characteristic 70’s analogue electronica. Marcin Ciupidro - vibraphone Artur Majewski - trumpet, el. piano Marcin Ozg - acoustic bass, el. bass Kuba Suchar - drums, MiniMoog

Romvelope session download
The ROMVELOPE session you are about to hear was originally aired live on the You Are Hear Show on Jan 31st 2005 Inspired by noise legends Prick Decay, Evil Moisture and Tea Culture, amongst others, Bjrn Hatleskog’s persistent inability to be as amateurish as the above mentioned led him to quit music for twenty years. Eventually, after a chance meeting with angus keith (aka Atom truck) in a Norwegian sweet shop , he learned to accept, even love, his own high-powered, obtuse, academic style. Thus was born the ADAADAT label.

Sculpture session download
This Sculpture performance was recorded live at the You Are Hear event Fake Folk and Wrong Music at Cargo on September 15th September 2005. Sculpture is the work of Dan Hayhurst who breathes life into old old tape machines creating the most blissful music of the future melding tape loops and synths.

Spanish Karavan session download

This is the Kit session download
This live session of This is the Kit was first heard live on Magz Hall’s You Are hear Show on Resonance 104.4 FM on Jan 9th 2006. This is the Kit is Kate Stables who hails from Winchester (England) currently living in Paris. She is also in several other bands including Whalebone Polly and Morningstar with Jessie Vernon.

Tim Goldie session download

UM session download

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Asja Auf Capri

Noblesse Oblige

Man From Uranus

Nicky V

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