You Are Hear - a weekly arts and music radio show since 2002.

Flatpack Antenna - Fundraising LP for Resonance FM featuring 29 artists

Flatpack Antenna

Flatpack Antenna is a limited edition vinyl LP compiled by the 'You Are Hear' radio team of Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse, featuring more than two dozen artists. Only 500 (numbered) copies have been pressed. Design by Savage Pencil. Available to buy online here. All sales made from the LP go 100% to keeping Resonance 104.4 FM on air.


01 Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers - Add Hapter (excerpt)
02 Benge - Resonant Insects
03 Little timmy Vs Samanthrax - Tiny Udder 1
04 Sunny Lazic - Heavy Load
05 Smalts - Insane (remix)
06 Jem Finer - The Hills are Alive
07 Illuminati - Ocean Almanac
08 Chris Todd (Robotplaysguitar) - Scrub
09 Rod Stasick - Jotoah SRI 17
10 John Wynne - !X?? Study 1: Gosaitse
11 Tennis - Redmur
12 Sold - Fatkid
13 SaltPervert - FagKnicker
14 Aero Mic'd - Carnival Up North
15 Julian Bass - Ricoh
16 Steven Moyes - Tunnel/Window/Green
17 Jesus Licks - If You Kill Me
18 Kevin Poulter - Scorpion Storm (excerpt)
19 Dodo - The Magical Transformation Trio
20 The Thirds - If I Can't Change Your Mind
21 Dexter Bentley - Stupid Pigeons
22 The Domestic Front - Emanate or Else
23 Stewart Home - The Bethnal Green Variations: Turning Silence into Noise (Cage Caged) Realisation- Short Edit
24 Pete Aves - The First Five Seconds of Every Track from my Album 'Bystanding'
25 Dave Draper - Sea Saws (extract)
26 Zainetica - Dripfeeder
27 William English - Rapport
28 Radio 9 - Kosmos
29 Caroline Kraabel - Lovesong in Wartimes

Hearing Aid compilation LP Flatpack Antenna.
500 only numbered edition vinyl LP

Circle Of Sound - 2005 - Curated Sound art exhibition featuring: Jim Backhouse Telepalepatelepalepalepathy Disinformation Theophany + Rorschach Audio Iris Garrelfs - Dumplinks Sharon Gal and Moshi Honen - The Solipsist Magz Hall - Brighton Rocks Kaffe Matthews Red chair Tracey Moberly (nee Sanders-Wood) - Francis Theakston (1933) Jason Synnott - Hearing Aid Radio Dan Wilson - Phase Violations Upon Boxful of Disappointment. DJ Wrongspeed - 'I love you'

Produced a public service advert for the Electorial Commission featuring students from TVU and distributed to community stations across the UK.

Radio Art Special - European Radio Day Radio Art Special 2005

A collaborative radio art show made for Radio Day of European Cultures broadcast on Sunday 16 October 2005 for the Council of Europe, the European Broadcasting Union and Prix Europa featuring: Javier Aregger, Jim Backhouse, Richard Bowers, Fari Bradley, CarterTutti, Angus Carlyle, Jem Finer & Marcia Farquhar, Iris Garrelfs, William English, Magz Hall, Bjorn Hatleskog, John Lovett, Grant Newman, Mark Pilkington, Tom Wallace, Chris Weaver, Adam Windbush, Dan Wison aired on Resonance FM.