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The Independent Thursday 21st February 2008. Todays Radio: Critics Choice


This podcast and online radio show is produced by Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse and features live sessions,festival specials and band interviews. There are more than 70 episodes of legal-to-download music from the likes of Tony Conrad, Black Devil Disco Club, Wolf Eyes, Burning Star Core, David Cunningham and Xylitol. You can also hear sets recorded at festivals such as Sonar, Oya,Green Man, the Big Chill and Faster Than Sound. The current podcast features new releases by among others, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Erik Nordgren and Han Earl Park. -Robert Moss - The Independent

The Wire Magazine May 2007

"London's Resonance FM current studio space is a bohemian wet dream of cramped dilapidation and romantic under funding. Future generations will look back with envy but nervously. Meanwhile DJs Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse have spent four years coaxing live acts onto their You Are Hear Radio show to perform exclusively for the show for Resonance (a la John Peel, but 100 per cent live in the studio), and here they cherry pick their 20 favourite sessions. Much of this comes with extra edge because it was played live in a tiny space- amazing that Pram ( Midlands Exotica and Oddfellows Casino (Canterbury via Brighton Rock) managed to fit in at all. Murcof ( Mexican electronica) and Noxagt Norwegian Noise niks) are darkly omininous, while San Francisco's Oxbow sound no less intense for being only one voice and an acoustic guitar. In a lighter vein is the playtime electro of The Man From Uranus, and the Casio versus theremin punch up of Ninki V and CarterTutti's contribution is a typically classy chunk of electric driftwood. Then No Bra drop by with their ultra- droll 'Munchausen' (Really? I was very briefly in a band called Clock DVA' 'Really?') and the music staggerers round a hall of comedy mirrors. Germlin's nerdcore 'Key Lime' is far too short, and Miss Hawaii's 'Pyramid' is rampant chaos from a Japanese laptopper formally known as MC Cambodia. David Grubbs sings over a bristling guitar, and This Is The Kit are an endearing folk duo who have supported Vetiver. If you haven't been listening, this is a quick and easy education". Clive Bell- The Wire

Time Out London Nov 8th 2006

Radio Podcast of the week: You Are Hear

This excellent alternative music show is available at as well as via directpodcast subscription,but which ever way you want to listen, you'll find a very well-executed product which features overe 80 podcasts of live, legal recordings ranging from Tunng playing at the Greeen Man Festical to Vasti Bunyan, Martin Carthy and a Hawk and a Hacksaw at the Big Chill. There are also live sets from Sonar including The Modified Toy Orchestra and Senor Coconut, plus archive interviews with Bob Moog what's not to like? -Lisa Mullen - Time Out

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    "Adventurous musical programming that echoes the long running You Are Hear radio show", Sept 2005 Time Out

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    "Championing all kinds of inventive and abnormal music with no regard for convention or decency. That's just as it should be" David Swindells, Feb 2006 Time Out

    "Podcast of the Week" " The excellent alternative music show...a very well executed product..whats not to like" Lisa Mullen Time Out Radio Nov 8th 2006

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    New Camden Journal 6th Jan 2006

    Awards For All May 2002

    Organisation Profile: The South London Radio Arts Group is a newly established organisation dedicated to exploring the potential for 'access' radio as a medium of artistic expression. Set up by volunteers, the group is encouraging the participation of over 50 local unemployed and self employed artists from diverse backgrounds, to take part in a weekly radio programme, 'You Are Hear', which will be broadcast over the next year.

    Award Project Summary: The project aims to encourage local artists, musicians, writers and performers to participate as producers, guests and performers. Participants are aged between 18 and 60, from diverse social backgrounds. Community interaction and involvement is the fundamental aim of the project that will publicise cultural events relevant to the people of South London. The group will also give participants a chance to develop live production skills and strive to develop new collaborative links with other community-based cultural organisations. You Are Hear will be broadcast weekly across London on Resonance 104.4FM (London's first arts-based access radio station that commences in June) and globally on the Internet, offering a potentially huge audience.

    Comment: Jim Backhouse - Treasurer of the South London Radio Arts Group, said: "This award will help us to realise our ambitious project. With it, we can develop local access to broadcasting - and use radio as an expressive medium for South London's arts community" Margaret Hall, Chairperson, added: "This grant will let us get working on this exciting project. It's really going to help us link up with new artists."